Saturday, 17 January 2015

Today, I had a lazy Saturday. I slept in until late, which is somewhat sad because it was the first day since being here that we did not see a single drop of rain, only sunshine! To savor some of the beautiful weather, I decided to walk to the grocery. Darielle (my flatmate that arrived yesterday afternoon) left me with some pots and pans, so I can finally stop eating toast, fruit, and jelly sandwiches and actually cook a real meal! 

What a beautiful day
Different types of ivy invade almost all forms of plant life here, and I absolutely love it. 

These pictures were taken as I walked to the grocery store earlier this evening.

Friday, 16 January 2015

As I mentioned, my first flatmate arrived! Her name is Darielle, and she is a first-year here at UCD. She and her mum only stayed long enough to drop off her belongings, but she will be back Sunday evening.

This is the Agriculture and Food Science building, no doubt I'll be spending a lot of time here for my classes. 

More art around campus

I love that there are almost always swans on the lake

After Darielle left, I went to the Global Lounge on campus to get some class registration issues worked out. After those had been resolved, I hung out in the lounge with some other international students. The staff had set out board games for us to play, and I joined a group playing Pictionary. Our group consisted of students from Belgium, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, India, China, and of course, America. We ended up playing the junior version, since English is a second language to most of the students and the adult version contained some pretty obscure words.  After finishing Pictionary, we moved on to Jenga until it was time for the Lounge's Movie Night to begin.  I imagine that not many people get the opportunity to meet such a diverse group of individuals, and again I must call attention to how fortunate I am to be here.

After the movie, we all sat down to have a drink at the
Clubhouse - which is the bar on campus. Yes, I did say bar, on campus. 

After hanging out in the Clubhouse for awhile, we headed to the Belgrove Student Residences rec room and piled on the most bean bags I have ever seen in one place. Definitely a comfy spot to hang out with friends! I wish I could relay everyone's names, but at the moment I cannot.


  1. Do they go by military time there?
    Do they have peanut butter?
    I love all your pictures!!! I'm so jealous!! The sidewalk imprint was cool, and the scenery and architecture breathtaking!!! 😍

  2. Also, don't drink too much beer lest you begin to like it!!! 😱😳😁😜