Thursday, 15 January 2015

Today, I woke up to absolutely beautiful weather. A clear blue sky, a few clouds, and the sun shining brightly. However, as is to be expected when in Ireland, there was wind and rain blowing every which way not long after.

After taking an official tour of the UCD campus with some of the student Global Guides, my friends and I decided to do a little more exploring on our own.

The tallest building on campus provides the only view of the Irish Sea which can be seen from UCD.

This is the skeleton of the great extinct Irish deer. Taller than you'd think!

This campus is full of beautiful statues, and I must say I've always wished Purdue had a pretty pond on campus like this one.

After the tour and exploration, I relaxed in my apartment for a while and waited for the rain to subside, as the wind was so strong there was no avoiding getting completely soaked within minutes of stepping outside (I did bring an umbrella with me, but I now understand why no one here seems to carry one, because it is rendered virtually useless by the wind).

The weather calmed later in the evening, so some friends and I decided to take a bus into the city for a drink. Our first stop was a small bar with a couple playing live music, but we walked in during their last song, so didn't stay for long.

After leaving, we continued our search for more live music, and I got some good pictures as we went.

Hannah, Nicole, Audrey, and Erin standing on the south side of a bridge that crosses the Liffey River.
The river separates northern Dublin from southern Dublin.

Myself, Nicole, Audrey, and Erin

The view from the bridge

I love the old-timey alleyways around here.

Barber scissors and a comb imprinted into the concrete! I find little quirks like this so unique
 and love stumbling upon them.

We ended up enjoying more live music at O'Neills Bar and Restaurant. These guys were amazing! One on the guitar, the other on the accordion.  We were lucky to be standing right up front (well, there was no sitting room left), and the guitarist even asked me where we were from. Unfortunately, I do not think the blog will play the audio that was recorded in the videos...

Here they are doing "Galway Girl"

Well, even though we called it a night pretty early, it has been a long day and I am ready for some sleep.  Thanks for reading!

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